Why Women should Travel Solo At Least Once in a Lifetime

Being a Pakistani girl, I know how most of us are totally dependent on our family, especially our parents. We might be able to do a lot of things on our own but there are always times when we like our elders to take the lead while we sit in the bubble of our comfort zone. And solo travel is like a far-fetched idea for most of us girls!

A woman in our society is molded in a way that she always needs support. She needs her parents before marriage and then, she is all dependent on her husband later. Travelling solo once in a lifetime can give you the experience of how it is like to be on your own. It can teach you the things that you cannot learn otherwise.


Here are some of the major reasons why a woman should travel solo or without the ones who she depends on at least once in a lifetime:


Out of Comfort Zone and More Independent

I will not talk about the women all around the globe but the ones in my country including me have always liked to sit back a little while our parents or husbands are at the job. When we are at a restaurant, we expect others to order for us. When we want to head out, we need someone to pick and drop us. We even need our brothers or parents for the littlest of things. However, we don’t realize the height of our dependence unless we are left alone.

Therefore, it is important to know where we stand and to come out of our comfort zone. Break through by experiencing solo travel or at least by traveling without all those who you are dependent on. When you are on your own, you are forced to get out of comfort zone.


The Ultimate Confidence Booster

When you are on your own, you have to get out there and do things that you are usually not comfortable with. When you begin doing it, you start taking decisions on your own and when you know you are not even messing it up, it ultimately boosts your confidence. You start believing in your capabilities and your decision-making power.


Learning While Traveling


We all know that everything does not always go as we plan and so doesn’t a trip. When there will be a tough situation, it will be you dealing with it rather than someone else on your behalf. You will learn to be patient, you will learn to communicate, and you will learn to understand things in a much better way.

You Learn to Adapt

Every place is not exactly as you expect it to be. You definitely have your standards and you might not be someone who can accept change that easily. When you are on solo trip, you learn to accept change and when you know that it was your conscious choice to travel alone, accepting the change may not be a big deal for you.


You Begin to Love Yourself


Being a woman, I know how we are always comparing ourselves with others. We do not embrace our individuality. We spend hours in getting ready to look better than others because it is like a competition for us. When we travel alone, we learn to be comfortable in our own skin when we see the people from different cultures. We start believing that there are so many different faces, colors, personalities and bodies that our insecurities slowly evade us.

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