Dubai Miracle Garden; 4 Things to Remember for First-Time Visitors

If you are planning to visit Dubai Miracle Garden next year for the first time, you better keep reading!

It was my first ever visit to the place this May and I can definitely say it was miraculous how each and every flower bloomed despite a huge crowd of visitors and the crazy hot weather. Since I live in a city where we hardly get to see gardens and places filled with flowers and nature, it was a wonderful experience for me. If you are not much into nature and greenery, you can still give the place a visit for its architecture and flower statues.

Here are some things for you to remember when visiting Dubai Miracle Garden which I did not know until I made my visit:

When to Visit

Dubai Miracle Garden usually opens in November and closes in May. I visited in May when summer had kicked in already. I would suggest you to visit it a little earlier between November and January because that time of the year is fairly pleasant, weather-wise.

The garden opens early in the morning around 9:00 am. If you want to avoid the rush of visitors, hit the garden early in the morning. However, if you want to see how it looks both in daytime and nighttime, get there one to two hours before the sunset.

What to Wear

If you want to show off your winter apparel, you better visit it early in November or before the end of January. If you are visiting it in summers, I would suggest you to go for light and breathable clothes. Opt for pastel or vibrant colors. I personally think white is the best color to sport when visiting a place like that. Wear comfortable shoes because the place is huge and you would not want to miss a spot because your heels are giving you a hard time.

Is Taking Own Food Allowed?

Taking food from outside is not allowed. However, you can take your own water bottle. I would definitely suggest you to take your own water bottle along because the place is all about walking and exploring and buying water every now and then would only leave you broke, NO JOKES! They may allow a reasonable amount of packed food like nuts and chips that do not create a mess. The place has small eateries there selling shawarma, refreshments, tea, pizza and desserts. Plus, there are beautiful cabin-like sitting areas with white curtains draping down.

What Not to Miss

The thing that I did not know and I want you to be aware of is that you will see small white cars hovering around inside the place. Since the place is huge and you may miss out a few spots if you walk on foot and you have less time, you can get a complete tour by getting on that car. The fare of the ride is very reasonable and you get a tour of the whole place. You can spot better places for taking pictures.

Also, my advice to you is to not stay at one spot for too long. It will consume all your time and you may miss out on better views and spots. Another suggestion is that do not forget to get on the towers to get a look of the entire view of the place. If you are a photographer or someone who likes taking scenic pictures, you can take great photos by going up on the tower for the best and unblocked view.


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