All You Need to Know Before Buying Tea Tree Oil

This topic has been highly requested and I know exactly why. Lately, tea tree oil has gained great reviews on how it helps acne and blemished skin. I have acne prone skin like most of the girls out there and so, I decided to get my hands on it after thorough research.

Here is good news: IT REALLY WORKS LIKE MAGIC!! No lies, girls! If there is anything I have tried on my acne, this oil has been the best bet so far. However, there are things you need to know before you buy it. I have listed them down below for you. So, read through and thank me when done! 😀

Where to Buy?

I bought my tea tree oil from The Body Shop because you can never doubt the purity of their products. I have not tried buying it from anywhere else but there are other online pages you can get it from. Let me list them down for you:

  1. Go Natural Pakistan (20 ml in Rs. 900)
  2. (Varying prices)

It cost me around 1300 rupees, which seemed a little pricey to me for a 10 ml bottle. But the truth is that it lasts more than a month if you use it the right way. Fret not if you do not know the method of application, I have got it covered for you. Just keep reading! 😀


Method of Application

Tea tree oil is one of the strongest essential oils that cannot be applied to the entire skin as many would assume. NEVER apply it like a serum or moisturizer to your skin as it will burn it down, especially if your skin is sensitive.

The right way to apply this oil includes the following few steps:

  1. Only include this oil in your nighttime routine.
  2. Just before you go to bed, thoroughly cleanse your face with an oil-based or water-based cleanser and then rinse it off with water.
  3. Apply your night moisturizer on to your damp skin without waiting for it to go completely dry. It will help retain the moisture in to the skin.
  4. After the moisturizer settles in to the skin, apply your night serum (if any).
  5. Once you are done with all the steps for your nighttime skincare routine that may vary for everybody, take a cotton swab, bud or use your finger to apply just a drop or two of the tea tree oil to the affected areas ONLY.
  6. You might have a little tingling and soothing sensation at the same time after application. Remember that it is completely normal and it is when you know it is actually working.
  7. Leave the oil overnight on the blemishes and you will see the magic the next morning or the one after it.


My Verdict on Tea Tree Oil for Acne

My pimples effectively vanished by using the above method of application on a regular basis. I applied it to fresh and old zits both and even to the scars, and it would kill the bacteria in no time. I cannot say if it helped my scars to disappear completely, but it surely did make them lighter and smaller than before.

I swear by this HOLY GRAIL now and I did go to buy another bottle of The Body Shop’s tea tree oil after finishing the first one. Unfortunately, the oil was not in stock and they suggested me to buy a tea tree gel instead which they claimed to work exactly the same. Was it really the same? Read below!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil VS Tea Tree Gel

Okay, guys! I got home with the gel and started to follow the same routine by replacing the tea tree oil with the tea tree gel. Here are some of the differences that I pointed out between the two:

  1. The gel came with a brush for application which seemed more convenient unlike the bottle of oil which had a small dropper and a lid on top.
  2. The gel obviously had a thicker consistency and it seemed to stay on to the skin while the oil immediately settled in. I could actually feel the oil working its way through layers. It was so SATISFYING!
  3. The oil dried out my pimple in a day or two whereas the gel brought no visible difference.
  4. The oil had a sharp Neem-like scent to it while the gel had a mild one.

I personally did not find the results of the gel any close to the oil and it did not bring any change to my skin as the oil did. Who wins? TEA TREE OIL, DUH! You guys have got to try it too if you want to say goodbye to blemishes.


The Last Words

I hope you found this article helpful and got all the answers to your questions. If you have any queries or suggestions or you simply want to show some love, please comment below and I promise to reply ASAP in detail. Also, if you want me to review any product or cover any topic, let me know in the comments as well. 🙂



  1. Mehwish Minhas

    Thank you so much Sania for covering acne related problem. Insha Allah will purchase tea tree oil and start using it.

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      Sania Arshad

      You can apply it to fresh and old pimples only. When there are none, you do not need to apply it. 🙂 I repeat, please NEVER apply it on the entire skin as it does no good to it. It is solely for killing pimples.

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  4. Gordon Darington

    I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

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